Root Language

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Q: There is a theory according to which there was some "root language" or a basic language (in the beginning of human life on this planet) from which all the other languages on Earth developed.

I wonder what Michael has to say about it? Was there some basic language in the beginning? And if there was, to which language (or language group) was it most similar to?

MICHAEL: Yes, there was indeed a root language, albeit a fairly simple one, that preceded the Atlanteans and even the Lemurians. It dates back roughly 500,000 years. There is no language that consistently resembles it now. As humanity evolved, it needed many more words, and each region developed its own languages as needed for its situation. It is true, however, that Sanskrit has some of the oldest antecedants and somewhat relates to the language used in the middle period of Atlantis.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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