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Life After Death

A belief in life after death has formed the basis of many religions, with promises of an afterlife and the prospect of eternal bliss. In modern times, though, the prospect of life after death could be considered comfort food for the mind, where the fear of dying is less stressful and thoughts of loved ones who have passed are not shrouded in as much grief and guilt. There is comfort in knowing that deceased friends and family members have moved on to a better place.

Still, the idea of what happens after death is just as compelling today as it was in ancient times. No matter if we're religious or atheist, we all want to know if there is life after death, and what is death really like? Trance channel Jane Roberts once answered that question through Seth, a discarnate entity that spoke through her consciousness.

Seth offered the following words:

If you want to know what death is like, then become aware of your own consciousness as it is divorced from physical activities. You will find that it is highly active. With practice you will discover that your normal waking consciousness is highly limited, and that what you thought of once as death conditions seem much more like life conditions.


-- Session 539, p.143, Seth Speaks

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Life After Death in Religion

The roots of an afterlife, of course, began in religion. The concept surely existed before in the early mythology of various cultures, but religion took the concept of life after death to the greater masses and it has been with us ever since.

Here's a brief overview of how the afterlife is portrayed in the most popular religions.

In Buddhism, the soul reincarnates in a continuous spiral till a state of enlightenment is achieved. Not all Buddhists believe in life after death, but they accept that the energy is transformed into a new form of energy. Over the course of a reincarnational cycle, the soul is thought to accumulate wisdom and compassion.

Hinduism also accepts a reincarnational doctrine. Through a series of challenging lifetimes the soul grows in wisdom till it attains a divine state of being.

In Christianity, a religion diverse with many denominations, reincarnation was written out of biblical scripture well before the bible was mass produced, but following death the soul is judged by Jesus and either sent to heaven or hell.

Muslims believe that the soul is also judged after death, and depending on if the life led was immoral, is temporarily exiled to the "horror of the grave" till judgment day arrives.

Judaism contends that the soul lives in an afterlife, eventually reuniting with God.

Encounters With the Other Side

Near death experiences report a consistent pattern of death that involves hovering above the body after clinical death, seeing and hearing what's going on, until eventually being drawn toward a bright light where deceased loved ones may be seen, with the surroundings permeated by a feeling of love and serenity. Those who survive the near death encounter are said to be forever changed by the experience.

Deathbed visions have been widely reported by family members and doctors for years. As if the veil between the physical world and the astral have thinned, the dying are said to see glimpses of the other side before passing, describing beautiful landscapes and noting the presence of deceased friends and family members.

Apparitions of the recently deceased have reportedly appeared to loved ones, often in a final gesture of saying goodbye. Dream visitations with the departed are also common occurrences, and thee encounters are thought to be tremendously comforting.

Although methods for contacting the dead have existed for thousands of years, contacting a medium is still the method of choice in modern times. TV psychics have seemingly dominated the airwaves and while the results are occasionally hit and miss, genuine articles do present themselves and these highly sought after mediums are usually booked in advanced for a year or more.

The Afterlife

Following death and the transition to the astral, the life review often occurs. Friends and family members often meet and greet shortly afterwards, with many of them looking healthier and surprisingly youthful. The soul can manifest its most desired appearance, and this is typically a middle age body, reflecting how the soul felt in the prime of its life.

The afterlife offers endless opportunities for adventure and the expansion of the soul. Possibilities for spiritual growth and assimilation of new branches of knowledge are continuously made available. Access to the Akashic records provides another source of information, in some cases opening the door to the secrets of the universe.

The afterlife is also a place that restores any damage inflicted to the soul during incarnations on earth, and there can be a vacation period for many souls after initially arriving. Some new arrivals, especially those who just completed a particularly traumatic lifetime, may enter the astral equivalent of a hospital where they will recuperate.

Life oriented illness, however, never plagues those living in the afterlife, nor does anyone ever die.

The Reincarnational Cycle

Reincarnation and the study of past lives still occupies a substantial portion of shelf space in popular book chains. The need for greater experience and growth drives the incarnational experience onward, with some souls having hundreds of past lives before they are finished.

Contrary to religious beliefs, reincarnational cycles always continue as the same species. You are not a human in one lifetime and an anteater in the next. A consistency in experience is crucial to attaining the spiritual evolvement necessary for a particular species. Human lives, however, don't necessarily evolve in a linear fashion. A person could conceivably be a saint in one lifetime and an ax murderer in the next.

Read more about reincarnation and the afterlife in the articles listed below. If you have related articles of your own you'd like to submit, please follow the guidelines at the submissions page.


Articles & Channeling

Life After Death

Is There Life After Death? (My Search For the Truth)
During the time that my father was dying, I began to question every belief I had ever had, prompting a journey that sought an answer to one of the most life changing questions: is there life after death?

What Happens After Death?
Read channeling about what happens after death, with answers to many commonly asked questions. The transition after death is one of the great mysteries of life, and the information shared here may ease your mind.

A Guide to the Afterlife (Channeled Q&A)
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A Guide to Reincarnation (Channeled Q&A)
Everything you need to know about reincarnation -- what it is and how it works -- is outlined in this channeled commentary from the Michael Entity, with an extensive FAQ and links to related sources.

Proof of Life After Death
Life after death is the unanswered question of our times. This article explores eleven arguments in favor of an afterlife, a revelation widely embraced by religion but still not accepted by science.

How Old is Your Soul?
Take our soul age test to find out. Absolutely free.

Science of the Soul (Michael Channeling)
Scientific questions about the soul, answered by Michael.

The Planes of Existence
Learn about the seven planes of existence: Physical, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic, and Buddhic.

The Astral Plane
More specific information about this plane of existence.

The Akashic Records
The records generated of everything that happens in the universe as it occurs.

Are Ghosts Real?
Channeling from Michael answers the most commonly asked questions about ghosts.

Dark Entities
Learn about thoughtforms and dark entities.

Transcending Fear of Death
Making peace with death is often a pivotal point in the soul's journey through the physical plane.

Working With Spirit Guides
A thorough presentation about spirit guides and how to effectively work with them.

Devas and Devic Kingdom
All about devas and the devic kingdom.

The Ascended Masters
Read channeling about the ascended masters.

Archangels and Angels (Michael Channeling)
Angels, and archangels fascinate both spiritul seekers and the mainstream public. Learn more.

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?
A wonderful piece of channeling about man's best friend. Are they allowed through the gates of heaven? Click the link above to find out.

Michael on What Happens After Death
This insightful work by John Roth begins with a nod at Christianity before exploring what Michael says happens after death.

Michael Teachings for Curious Christians
Another exploration from John Roth into Michael's thoughts about Jesus and Christianity.

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Article from Joya Pope about life on the astral as compared to physical existence.

Princess Diana's Death
Michael's comments about the death of Princess Diana.

Past Lives

1) Introduction to Past Lives and Reincarnation

• Defining past lives and reincarnation
• Historical origins and development of the concept
• Exploring cultural and religious contexts that embrace the idea of past lives

2) Theories of Reincarnation

• Investigating different philosophical and religious theories of reincarnation
• Examining major belief systems that incorporate reincarnation, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and certain mystical traditions
• Comparing and contrasting different perspectives on the mechanics and purpose of reincarnation

3) Memories and Past Life Recognition

Exploring types of past life memories: spontaneous, regression, dreams, and more
Recognizing potential signs and indications of past life connections
Understanding the concept of soul groups and soulmates

4) Past Life Regression Techniques

Introduction to past life regression as a tool for exploration
Exploring different regression techniques: guided visualization, hypnosis, and self-regression
Practical exercises for relaxation, visualization, and accessing potential past life memories

5) Interpreting Past Life Memories

Analyzing and interpreting past life memories and experiences
Understanding symbolism, themes, and patterns in past life recall
Exploring the emotional and psychological significance of past life memories

6) Healing and Resolving Past Life Issues

Investigating the potential for healing unresolved issues through past life exploration
Techniques for releasing emotional baggage and traumas from past lives
Incorporating past life insights into personal growth and transformation

7) Karma and Lessons Across Lifetimes

Understanding the concept of karma and its role in reincarnation
Exploring the idea of soul lessons and growth through multiple lifetimes
Identifying patterns, repetitive behaviors, and relationships across lifetimes

8) Case Studies and Research on Past Lives

Reviewing notable case studies of past life memories in children and adults
Analyzing research methodologies and limitations in the field
Examining skeptical perspectives and alternative explanations

How To Remember Past Lives

Past Life Regression Samples

Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Near Death Experiences (NDEs): An Overview

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